Our Business

Pacific General is an asset management and investment advisory firm. We are specialists in cross border
transactions covering the United States, South Korea, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Asset Management

Our Asset Management business is primarily focused on private market strategies where credit solutions are provided to specialty finance companies, real estate debt funds, infrastructure projects and other special situations. We have worked closely with leading Korean investors for more than a decade addressing alternative asset allocations to developed markets via structured credit and customized fund vehicles, providing stable/ risk adjusted yield. Our ability to source transactions, structure an asset vehicle, and manage and administer transactions, often for the duration of an investment period, provides our investors with many benefits that suit their portfolio objectives. We are expanding our services to meet the investment objective of investors in Saudi Arabia.

Private Equity/Corporate Finance

Our Private Equity & Corporate Finance business is primarily focused on established Korean companies and non-Korean businesses seeking to implement a Korea focused strategy, where we initiate and advise on cross border opportunities between counterparties. Our team is experienced in successfully closing and managing many complex cross border transactions. And we have developed long-term relationships with a wide range of corporations, including Korean ‘chaebols’ and investors, and we connect relationships with transactions in aligned partnerships. We are expanding our scope to meet the investment objective of investors in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Advisory

Our Saudi advisory business is a platform focused at its core on the commercialization of opportunities in Saudi Arabia that global corporate and financial investors can offer to Saudi partners. Through long-lasting relationships with corporations, investors and government institutions in the US and Asia, our competitive edge is to identify and structure investment and trading opportunities that align with Saudi Arabia’s economic needs and its vision “2030”. We focus on value creation and strategic partnerships that can nurture key industries in Saudi Arabia and expand into the GCC region through technology and knowledge transfer and job creation.